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Drain Cleaning  And Drain Line Repair     

At SPECIALIZED PLUMBING & HEATING We Are The Best Drain Repair And Drain Cleaning Plumber In Albuquerque. We Pride Ourselves In The fact That When the Problem is Corrected we Warranty All of Our Repairs and Drain Cleaning to Assure our Customers That The Job is Completed Right the First Time.




Drain line materials in older homes consisted mostly of thin-walled stainless steel, copper, lead, and cast iron. The steel, copper, and lead were usually found under sinks, while cast iron was found in walls and in basements or crawlspaces, forming the main sewer system for the home. A very common configuration for an under-sink drain setup was as follows: thin-wall stainless, soldered into a copper stub, then soldered into a lead stub, with the lead then connected to the cast iron. That's FOUR different materials all connected within a few feet of each other, all susceptible to corrosion or rust. As such, leaks are very common in these locations. With so many failure points, problems were eminent. When one of these leaks occur, we make the repairs with PVC (poly-vinyl chloride) piping, which is an extremely durable, clean, and inexpensive type of plastic pipe. We remove as much of the older metal piping as possible, often leaving you with brand new drainage all the way back into the wall and reaching the cast iron (which is less prone to leaks).

                    If your home is built on a basement, most of your drainage system is visible there (unless your basement is finished). Cast iron, while being slightly more durable than the aforementioned metal piping materials, still develops leaks after many years. These leaks are generally caused by waste accumulating along the interior wall of the piping and rotting, causing the cast iron to rust through to the outside. Leaks are also common on cast iron joints, which were attached with lead and a material called oakum (a rope-like substance similar to hemp). The oakum wears away with age and use, allowing leaks to occur. Complete basement and crawlspace drainage re-pipes are an everyday job for us, and one of the best plumbing investments you can make for your home. As previously stated, we use PVC to repair and replace all the cast iron drain lines, branching from your fixtures all the way to the exterior wall of your home, and further if you prefer (see Sewer Lines section below). Our 12-month warranty is given on all repairs to your interior drains.     



Sewer Lines


Sewer repair is a issue that every Albuquerque home faces at some point. Every home has an outdoor, underground drainage system in order to evacuate of the waste water and sewage created by simply living in a home and using its plumbing . This drainage system is known as a home's sewer line. The Albuquerque sewer line exits the home underground and dumps into either a septic tank (in some older homes), or in most cases the city or county's main sewer system.

When it comes time to replace or repair a home's sewer line, we cut NO corners.During replacements we extract the entire sewer line, from its exit at your home all the way to the street. We then replace the line with high-grade, schedule 40 (pressure-treated) PVC pipe, grade and slope the pipe properly, and all joints are solvent-welded. We also install two cleanouts (access points for any future maintenance); one towards the home and one towards the street.  If necessary, we also install a backwater valve near the home to protect it in case the city's sewer overflows. Before testing and covering the new line we properly bed-in the sewer line. Bedding-in is a process that places a firm material (usually sand or hard earth) under the pipe to eliminate the chances of the pipe's shape or flow being altered by: someone driving over it, ground settling, erosion, etc. Before covering up the new sewer line, we thoroughly test it to ensure that it flows smoothly and freely, as well to make sure that there are no leaks. After testing, we  have a city inspector inspect the sewer line. We cover up the ditch made during the installation, grading the area in the process, and often seeding and replacing the landscape or gravel to minimize landscape damage . Our sewer lines carry a 10-year warranty on parts, labor, and functionality.

Gas Lines Repair and Installation



Dealing with natural gas is not something you want to take chances with. An improper installation or repair is not only inconvenient, but it can be extremely dangerous. A bad installation will provide poor gas pressure and decrease efficiency for gas appliances. Our technicians are properly trained, licensed and prepared to solve any gas piping  you have. While repiping gas lines, our technicians use the proper mathematical calculations for the required gas pressure of each appliance as recommended by local city and state codes.  We also perform air pressure tests (some times called a MERCURY TEST) on your home to assure your safety and that of your family. Older homes are notorious for gas leaks and undersized gas systems as gas lines were added throughout the years without properly sizing the whole gas system. Air tests are also needed to have a meter set or relocated.